Savings Account

Savings account by TBI Bank

Savings account by TBI Bank

Have you saved up some money? Open your savings account at TBI Bank with the ability to withdraw and deposit amounts whenever you like. Your yield is guaranteed and your money is fully protected!

Interest Rates

То 200 000
0.10 %
Аbove 200 000
0.00 %
То 100 000
0.10 %
Аbove 100 000
0.00 %
То 100 000
Above 100 000


Among the best interest rates on the market for savings accounts in BGN, EUR and USD. 

No minimum amount for deposit opening required and possibility to deposit and withdraw money at any given time.

Deposited money and accrued interest are guaranteed under the Bank Deposit Insurance Act.

Possibility to monitor the deposit account at no extra cost in TBI Bank’s online banking.

The funds of the holder up to 196, 000 BGN in a TBI Bank account, accepted as a deposit under the Bank’s terms and conditions, including accrued interest, are protected by the Deposit Insurance Fund in the Bank under the Deposit Insurance in Banks Act.

Applicable Documents

Interest Rates Bulletin of TBI Bank for Individuals 01 08 2018 ENDownload
pdf format
Q&A about Deposits Guarantee 2015Download
pdf format
Brochure of the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance FundDownload
pdf format
Standard Tariff for Charges and Commissions of TBI Bank for Individuals 10.12.2018Download
pdf format
General terms & conditions on providing of payment services for individuals 8.10.2018Download
pdf format

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Term Deposit

Term Deposit

High yield up to 1.80% with various tenors and currencies.

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Information on upcoming bank holidays

Information on upcoming bank holidays


Call center
0700 17 571 / *8242

Working hours
Monday - Friday
| 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday
| 10:00 - 18:00

Working schedule during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

24,25,26 of December- non-working days 
31st of December- client service until 14:00 p.m.

Happy Holidays!



Head office

1421 Sofia, Bulgaria,
52-54, Dimitar Hadjikotsev Str